Agriculture Software Solutions

Transform Your Business Operations

Levridge is dedicated to building modern, user-friendly business solutions for the agricultural industry. The Levridge solution enables Ag Retailers, Ag Cooperatives and Commodity Processors to run your business in a modern, connected way.


Levridge has multiple tools to help the agronomist overcome challenges with tracking data related to the grower, employee and contractor.

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Enjoy a modern cloud-based platform with integration to the Microsoft Office suite and the ability to work with multiple other software applications.

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Split billing is a unique challenge for the ag industry. Levridge defines splits by collecting data and using grower confirmation to maintain accuracy.

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With the fastest-speed on the market, the Levridge scale is built with real-time synchronization, so you can see ticket information almost immediately.

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Equity & Patronage

Traditionally handled outside of the central accounting application, Levridge manages your equity and stock allocations within ONE solution.

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Access Information
Anywhere, Anytime

Built on Microsoft’s cloud-based architecture, Levridge is on the bleeding edge of innovation. As the only cloud-based accounting and operations solution created exclusively for ag retailers and processors to realize the many benefits of a modern platform. From accessibility of information and integrations with third-party industry applications, the advantages are real to your entire business.

Analyze Financial Data

Powerful business intelligence dashboards and analytics that show your team and decision makers exactly what they need to know in real-time. Daily position reports, account information and inventory at your fingertips without manual tasks to get there.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

The holistic design of Levridge allows for industry-leading information tracking from multiple sources. You can more quickly and accurately communicate with customers and gain a better perspective by viewing all activities within their account from historical to present-day.