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As a commodity processor, you have unique needs for accounting, managing the supply chain,  tracking inventory and products, and managing risks associated with the industry. Covering these demands over the years has likely led you to run your business using disparate siloed systems, multiple spreadsheets, and manual processes.

The Levridge Commodity Accounting module is a fully integrated, all-inclusive, cloud-based solution for commodity processors, grain elevators, and ag retail operations. It’s built on the ground-breaking Microsoft Dynamics 365 business software platform, so it handles financials, supply chain management, and process manufacturing with ease—but we’ve extended Dynamics 365 to equip you with all the ag-industry features you need.

  • Manage grower splits
  • Manage offers
  • Manage commodity contracts
  • Settle contracts with ease
  • View real-time DPR
  • Generate mark-to-market

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Manage bid sheets, accept grower offers, track scale tickets, purchase contracts, and commodity deliveries—all within one system.

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Use the Levridge settlement wizard to settle contracts and issue payments, easily accounting for advances, liens, fees, discounts, premiums, and splits.

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Sales Contracts

With Levridge, information required for sales contracts is at your fingertips—pricing, terms of pricing and delivery, freight adjustments, and delivery periods.

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Inventory Management

Track costs and quantities of commodity inventories through your supply chain—from the purchase of raw ingredients to finished products and byproducts.

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Risk Management

Face market volatility with confidence—Levridge handles futures and options, hedging, and mark-to-market accounting.

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Real-Time Reporting

Track real-time daily position reports (DPR) and long/short position reports—including hedge position to monitor market risk and delivery position to maintain inventory visibility.

Commodity Processors Videos

Managing Commodity Sales Contracts in Levridge

From Bid Sheets to Payment, The Full Process of Managing Grower Offers in Levridge

Managing Bid Sheets for Grower Offers in Levridge

Managing Grower Offers in Levridge

From Bid Sheets to Payment, The Full Process of Managing Grower Offers in Levridge

Best Practices for Managing Load Orders for Grain Processors

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Supply Chain Management and Commodity Processing

For commodity processors, Levridge enables end-to-end batch and lot traceability and includes tools for streamlining plant operations, tracking bill of materials (BOM), and implementing preventive maintenance processes. From scale tickets to order fulfillment, Levridge gives you complete supply chain, fleet, and warehouse management capabilities.

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Built on Dynamics 365, Levridge Creates a Complete Agribusiness Solution

Your 21st-century agribusiness needs modern business systems specifically designed for the agricultural industry. The Levridge Ag Sales module extends the standard accounting functions included in Dynamics 365 with industry-specific features for managing billing splits, prepayments, and more.

Building on the Dynamics 365 platform, Levridge creates a connected business system—collecting, storing, and tracking data and efficiently managing processes for all your needs—and built-in Power BI analytics give you game-changing insights into your operations.

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