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Technology is modernizing agriculture, but the software that powers your agribusiness may be a generation behind. Levridge is an integrated, cloud-based finance and operations solution for your agricultural retail business built on Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s cutting-edge business software platform.

Few businesses rival the complexity of ag retail operations—whether they’re private companies or agricultural co-ops. You may be acquiring or producing agricultural inputs like seed and fertilizer, buying and selling commodities, or running multiple retail locations.

We designed Levridge to enable agricultural retailers to connect all areas of your business into a unified whole.

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Levridge eliminates the headache of siloed data by linking all your business systems, allowing you to reap operational insights that drive informed decision-making.

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As a cloud-based solution, Levridge is accessible on any device with internet access—from the board room to point-of-sale locations and even in the warehouse.

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With Levridge, you can scale your user base according to your business growth—simply add or drop user subscriptions based on your needs.

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Accounting for Agribusiness

Every enterprise needs accounting software, but agricultural retailers have unique accounting needs. Levridge covers all your core accounting essentials and adds functionality specifically designed for ag retail. This means you can handle profit and loss reporting across multiple locations and regions, but you can also manage split billing, deferred payment terms, discounts, and prepayments.

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Commodity Accounting

Need to manage commodity purchases and sales? Use Levridge’s commodity accounting features to create scale tickets, handle contracts, settlements, and invoices, and generate your daily position report (DPR). Levridge also covers commodity futures and options, risk management, and mark-to-market accounting.

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Retail Operations and Grower Relationships

You know that the success of your ag retail operation hinges on the success of your growers. Levridge helps you optimize every aspect of your grower services, from ag sales to retail operations. For example, on the retail side, you can manage the procurement of agricultural products from your suppliers and oversee the logistics of transportation and storage. On the services side, you can manage customer accounts, service proposals, and contracts or restrict sales based on regulatory requirements like licenses and certifications.

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