Modern, User-Friendly Technology for

Ag Retailers

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Able to connect and integrate with multiple third-party types of ag technology


Information accessible whenever, wherever, by multiple users and relevant roles


Able to track many data points within one solution

Levridge is cloud-based, and there is no other system out there like it. Because of the modern way it’s built, Levridge covers your core business functionality, plus it’s able to connect and integrate with multiple third-party types of ag technology. Having all your business applications talk to each other is not a common thing in the world today. Levridge provides communication between line of business applications, such as agronomy, scale applications, mapping, scouting, dispatching, blending, grower contracts, the ability to track commodity accounting, feed management, and all of that is coming back to the core ERP system.

What this means for you is easier and efficient processes, more intuitive user experience, and endless opportunities for business intelligence advantages. The information you need is accessible to your team whenever and wherever they need it.

The Agronomy Sales Agreement dashboard visualizes your top products by sales and shows a listing of all available products.

Sales proposals to growers showing pricing and discounts can be generated from your laptop or tablet in real-time.

View account and contact information stored in Levridge from your mobile device.