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Levridge President Becky Newell & Levridge Executive Chairman Eric Newell.

Levridge President Becky Newell & Levridge Executive Chairman Eric Newell.

While technology advancements in agriculture might seem commonplace, there has remained a demand and need for cloud-based, modern business software built specifically for the Ag industry. Prior to the inception of Levridge, there was not a robust backend software program on the market that allowed users to manage data and operations all within in one cloud-based solution. Levridge is unique because it was created with the sole intent to fill this gap where nothing else existed to meet current Ag business needs.

Levridge was built to truly modernize how business is being done at Ag Retailers, Ag Co-ops and Commodity Processors, making processes much more efficient, organized, and accessible. Not only is a modern solution advantageous for the business, it also makes it easier and less frustrating for employees to do their jobs. There was a pent-up demand for this technology from every angle.

So, why hasn’t ample attention been paid to this market? There is a reason. It isn’t easy. To build this type of all-in-one solution you need to understand the intricate needs and requirements of this industry. But, even more importantly, you need the ability, experience, and technical know-how to handle the complexities of developing the architecture and code to make it all work together.

We had clients and potential clients asking for a solution, and we met the challenge. In 2018, Levridge LLC was founded in Barnesville, MN. The Levridge team comes from an area rich in agriculture heritage. Being the sons and daughters of farmers, this market had a great appeal to us because it’s an industry that we have a connection to and natively understand. To build this product and see our clients use these solutions to transform their operations is an extremely rewarding endeavor.

Meet the Levridge Team

The Levridge solution is supported by a team of seasoned in-house developers, technology experts, and industry analysts.

Becky Newell


Keith Bangasser

Senior Grain Business Analyst

Julie Hagen

Program Manager

Chris Bagge

Senior Developer

Agam Kalra


Kyle Cook

Team Manager

Mark Nelson

Principal Developer

Matt Thompson

Principal Developer