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What if your procurement process—things like bids, offers, contracts, and settlements—was part of an all-in-one commodity processing solution that seamlessly linked to every aspect of your business? What if the same solution also handled everything from batch tracing and equipment maintenance to real-time daily position reports and mark-to-market, futures, and options?

Levridge is a cloud-based accounting and operations solution for your commodity processing business built on Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s innovative business software platform.

Like any manufacturing business, commodity processors need systems for plant operations, accounting, and customer relationship management. But, agricultural commodity processors have unique needs that basic manufacturing software doesn’t address. To fit this need you’re probably running a hodgepodge of outdated, on-premise systems and spreadsheets. We designed Levridge to enable commodity processors to connect distinct areas of business into a unified whole—one system for supply chain management, plant operations, risk management, commodity accounting, financials, analytics, reporting, and managing relationships with suppliers.

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Timing matters with bulk commodities. Levridge software connects operations within your commodity processing business, providing real-time system updates and actionable analytics.

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Levridge is built on Dynamics 365, the business software platform of the future, giving you the cutting-edge technology you need to make your processing plant a “smart” facility.

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Levridge inherits the industry-leading cybersecurity and backup features Microsoft has developed for the cloud-based Dynamics 365 platform.

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Commodity Accounting

We designed Levridge’s commodity accounting module to provide a full range of important features, enabling you to streamline your processes and provide access to necessary data to make informed decisions in real time. Manage grower splits and offers, manage and settle commodity contracts, view real-time DPR, and generate mark to market. Using Levridge’s built-in Microsoft Power BI analytics functions, you always have a bird’s-eye view of your operations—enabling you to manage and make strategic decisions with confidence.

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Commodity Processing

Levridge is a complete solution for commodity processors, covering your entire supply chain —from sourcing to receiving ingredients and grain, all the way to shipping finished products. Levridge’s supply chain management features include the ability to manage supplier contracts, scale tickets, discounts, and charges, along with transportation, warehousing, and lot traceability. In the processing plant, you can manage bills of materials, schedule plant operations, and leverage next-generation technologies to optimize equipment maintenance and automate repetitive processes.

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