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Release Notes

2022 R2 Levridge Release

The 2022 R2 Release for Levridge is available with several new features integral to making a difference in businesses in the commodity processing market. View the overview below or read the full release notes here Key Additions in 2022 R2 Levridge Release: 1. Inbound...

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2022 R1 Release

Levridge is excited to make available the first release of 2022. This release has one primary theme: Extend the functionality in commodity accounting for transporting product in and out and accounting for that product using the client’s preferred accounting...

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2021 R3 Release – Levridge

Levridge is excited to make available the third and final release of 2021. This release has two primary themes: the footprint of splits and split billing have been significantly lightened and the foundation for supporting AgXML document exchanges has been added.

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