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What You Need to Know About the Inbound In-Transit Feature in Levridge

The inbound in-transit feature allows a buyer of a commodity to know that a commodity is in-transit from the seller. This will help inform the buyer of the quality of the commodity, and its estimated delivery from the seller. This feature can help the buyer better manage their inventory and schedule production based on the quality of the incoming commodity.

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AgXml Integration Deployment In Levridge

Configuration settings for all applications are stored in a file name “Appsettings.json”. This file is co-located next to the application executable. When setting configuration information, you will likely need to update all Appsettings.json files. The Integration Host configuration file is the only file to contain the integration source, integration target, and OData sections.

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Commodity Risk Reports Scheduled Printing

A new feature the Levridge team implemented in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations that will be released in 2022 R2, is enabling the scheduled execution of 4 commodity risk reports for ‘today.’ For a client using Levridge, they will have a variety of commodity risk...

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2021 R3 Release – Levridge

Levridge is excited to make available the third and final release of 2021. This release has two primary themes: the footprint of splits and split billing have been significantly lightened and the foundation for supporting AgXML document exchanges has been added.

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New Feature: Freight Billing

What was the Designer Thinking? Just like when you change oil on a car where you have to remove the front tire to get at the oil filter, sometimes in software, you wonder, “What was, [whoever designed this], thinking”. Well, as a designer, I’d like to share some of...

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