Notes on Prepayments in Levridge 2023 R3

By Levridge staff | Published: Oct 25, 2023 | Ag sales , Product Updates

Levridge Ag sales contains a set of features used to track customer prepayments. Levridge tracks the dollar amount of the prepayment, what items or products are prepaid, and the price. Levridge also tracks prepayment consumption as the prepayments are applied to sales orders. When receiving a prepayment, you can enter a note on the prepayment […]

Tracking Returns in Levridge: The Credit and Rebill Process

By Levridge staff | Updated: Sep 25, 2023 | Accounting , Product Updates

When it comes to handling customer returns or issuing sales credits, understanding the underlying reason is crucial. Whether the return is prompted by product defects, unused items, or billing errors, it’s important to track the specific cause behind the sales credit or return. Levridge AgSales offers a comprehensive set of features that streamline the entire sales credit/return and rebill process. With Levridge version 2023 R3, you can now track the reason for the sales invoice credit/return.

2023 R2 Release: Roll Expired Purchase Contracts

By Levridge staff | Updated: Dec 2, 2023 | Product Updates

In release 2023 R2, Levridge is adding the option to roll expired purchase contracts for credit sale. In certain states, if a purchase contract is not priced with X number of days of grain delivery, the contract must be associated with a credit sales contract number. Any scale tickets applied to the original contract need to be rolled to the new contract or optionally, if the contract will not be delivered on it can be closed.

Generating Quality Orders From Scale Tickets in Levridge

By Levridge staff | Updated: Aug 7, 2023 | Product Updates

In release 2023 R2, Levridge is introducing a new feature that will enable you to generate quality orders from scale tickets. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations includes a native quality management module, designed to track the testing of various inventory product samples. With Levridge’s added functionality, the system can now create a corresponding quality order for inbound, outbound, or transfer scale tickets.