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Simplify Complex Co-op Management With Levridge Equity

In many agricultural communities, cooperatives are a way of life. The principle is simple—leverage the power of collective action to reduce members’ operating expenses and increase their bottom line.

But, the ins and outs of managing stock classes, equity allocations, and patronage refunds are extremely complex. This complexity makes it challenging to train your team on how the system works and Levridge Equity provides a platform that simplifies the process and the output.

With Levridge Equity, your members can now interact with the system. They can see their patronage, their ongoing equity, their shares and share classes and initiate activities such as share transfers.

Built as a Software-as-a-Service solution requiring no servers, only configuration, the all-in-one solution is an architecture that provides an array of benefits:


  • Cloud-hosted software
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Links to business systems
  • Equity balance tracking
  • Patronage refund management
  • Co-op member platform

Look for the Levridge Equity solution on Microsoft’s AppSource Marketplace.

Equity Tracking Icon

Equity Tracking

Easily manage new equity to be distributed among members with comprehensive equity management capabilities. Determine how equity is distributed at the end of the fiscal year—what percentage is retained, what’s allocated to members as equity, and what’s set aside as patronage refunds. You can also identify how equity is allocated to members—for example, based on member activities (e.g., bushels of corn sold to the co-op or total utilities consumed) or based on the co-op’s annual earnings.

Equity Revolvements Icon

Equity Revolvements

One aspect of equity in cooperatives that’s particularly difficult to track is equity revolvements—returning historic equity allocated to members 5, 10, or even 25 years ago. Revolvements may be triggered by an event (e.g., a member retiring) or may be part of your co-op’s ongoing efforts to put more of the organization’s profits back in the hands of its members. Levridge Equity enables you to track and manage member revolvements.

Member Management Icon

Member Management

Agricultural cooperatives exist to serve their members, and we didn’t forget that when we created Levridge Equity. The software does more than track equity, patronage refunds, and revolvements—it’s also a platform where members can create accounts, log in, and view their equity status and current patronage refunds. (Coming Soon) Members will be able to use the platform to cast their votes for your co-op’s board of directors.

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Streamlined Setup

The thought of moving to a new system for managing equity and patronage is intimidating, so we’ve gone out of our way to make Levridge Equity setup a breeze. The first step involves entering some basic information about how your co-op works—for example, your stock classes, categories for allocating patronage refunds, and your fiscal year’s start and end dates. Then, simply use our Excel templates to import your members, their equity balances and shares, and their allocation and payment histories.

Patronage Management and Reporting Icon

Patronage Management and Reporting

Levridge Equity equips you to manage, track, and report on patronage refunds across each fiscal year. Easily set up and track each member’s accrued patronage by establishing patronage categories and rates. Manage the details of patronage payments (e.g., splits between members), determine whether dividends are qualified or non-qualified, and generate each member’s annual 1099-PATR form.

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More than Equity and Patronage Management

We created an ag retail solution that replaces outdated, disjointed, on-premises systems with integrated, modern, cloud-based software built on the Dynamics 365 platform. Our ag retail solution covers all the core business functions you expect from an enterprise resource planning system but extends to a plethora of agribusiness-specific features—everything from grower agronomy services and scale operations to commodity accounting, financial accounting, and retail operations.

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