Levridge: Elevating Your Equity and Patronage Systems

By Levridge staff | Updated: Mar 8, 2024 | Equity , Patronage | read

In today’s world, it is crucial to assess and modernize your equity and patronage system to ensure sustainability and smooth operations. If your current system relies on outdated practices, is maintained by a single developer approaching retirement, or lacks clarity in allocation processes, it may be time to consider a transition to a more durable solution like Levridge equity. We provide a modern, integrated solution that streamlines equity management, enhances transparency, and ensures compliance with evolving industry standards. If you are contemplating a move, here are some questions you may need to ask yourself:

Retirement and Estate Planning:

  1. What are your retirement settings?
  2. How is estate planning managed?

Membership Details:

  1. How many patrons/equity participants do you have?
  2. Is there a need for a member portal?
  3. Are members allowed to lease shares?

Equity and Stock Management:

  1. Do you manage stock and equity separately?
  2. Do you perform equity and stock transfers?
  3. Are stock certificates tracked, and are physical certificates required?
  4. How are liens on stock and equity managed?

Payment, Allocations, and Tax:

  1. How is patronage calculated?
  2. What factors influence patronage calculations?
  3. When and how often are allocations done?
  4. Are unit retains and patronage on separate pay-out schedules?
  5. Who approves revolvements/payouts, and what is the approval process?
  6. How timely are you in paying out allocations?
  7. Is PATR/tax information printed in-house or by a third party?

Considering these questions will help your organization build a comprehensive understanding of its current processes and identify areas for improvement. Make the move toward a more efficient and secure equity and patronage system with Levridge.