Enhancing Efficiency with New Spot Ticket Features

By Levridge staff | Published: Jul 5, 2024 | Accounting , Grain , Product Updates , Release Notes , Scale | read

The Levridge 2024 Special Release 1.5 introduces significant enhancements to the handling of inbound scale tickets, specifically with the addition of spot ticket functionalities. These improvements are designed to streamline processes, providing users with more flexibility and control.

Understanding Spot Tickets

Spot tickets refer to scale tickets that are flagged for immediate pricing or end-of-day pricing based on the policy set by the facility. The new enhancements allow for greater versatility in how these tickets are managed and applied, ensuring that users can handle them in a way that best suits their operational needs.

Key Enhancements in the 2024 R 1.5 Release

The latest update introduces two new columns in the scale ticket interface under commodity accounting: ‘spot type’ and ‘spot price’. The spot type can either be “spot immediate” or “spot end of day,” depending on when the pricing is applied. These enhancements are seamlessly integrated into the system, ensuring that as scale tickets are imported, the relevant spot information is also included.

Spot Type and Spot Price Columns

Spot Type: This column indicates whether the pricing is immediate or at the end of the day. This flexibility allows facilities to choose the best time for applying prices based on their specific policies and operational workflows.

Spot Price: This column displays the price associated with the spot ticket. This information is crucial for accurate accounting and ensures that all relevant details are captured during the import process.

Improved XML Import Capabilities

The XML import functionality has been enhanced to support the import of spot prices and spot types. As trucks drive over the scale, the system captures whether the load needs to be priced immediately or at the end of the day. This ensures that all relevant data is imported accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and manual data entry.

Enhanced Inbound Ticket Application

The inbound ticket application process has also been improved to accommodate the new spot ticket features. Users can now see the spot type and spot price directly within the ticket application interface, providing a clear and comprehensive view of all relevant information.

Let’s walk through a typical use case to understand the practical application of these enhancements:

1. Viewing Scale Tickets: Under commodity accounting, users can view inbound scale tickets. For instance, when a scale ticket is called up, the new columns for spot type and spot price are visible. These would typically come in through a ticket import, ensuring that all relevant details are captured as the trucker drives over the scale.

2. Handling Spot Tickets: Depending on the facility’s policy, the load can be priced immediately or at the end of the day. These decisions are supported by the enhanced system, which allows for flexibility and accuracy in pricing.

3. Ticket Application: Under the ticket apply function, users can search for specific tickets, such as one for a commodity like corn. The system displays the spot type and spot price, providing a clear overview. If there is an open contract, the user can override the spot and apply it to the contract. If no contract is available, the user can create a spot contract on the fly, filling out all necessary information such as the spot board price and basis.

4. Creating and Applying Contracts: Users can create the contract, update position reports, and apply the spot ticket to the contract seamlessly. This process ensures that all transactions are accurately recorded and managed within the system.

Benefits of the New Spot Ticket Features

  • Improved Accuracy: By capturing all relevant details through enhanced XML imports and displaying them in the system, the risk of errors is significantly reduced.
  • Increased Flexibility: The ability to choose between immediate and end-of-day pricing allows facilities to align their operations with their specific policies and workflows.
  • Streamlined Processes: The new features integrate seamlessly into the existing system, ensuring that users can manage spot tickets efficiently without having to adapt to entirely new workflows.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The clear display of spot type and spot price in the ticket application interface provides users with a comprehensive overview, making it easier to manage and apply tickets.

The Levridge 2024 Special Release 1.5 marks a significant step forward in the handling of inbound scale tickets, with the introduction of enhanced spot ticket functionalities. These improvements are designed to provide users with greater flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in their operations. By supporting immediate and end-of-day pricing, enhancing XML import capabilities, and improving the ticket application process, this release ensures that users can manage their commodity accounting processes with ease and confidence.