Revolvement: Empowering Cooperative Members with Historical Equity Payouts

By Levridge staff | Updated: Nov 14, 2023 | Equity | read

In the realm of cooperatives, certain terms may not be recognized by spell-checkers or mainstream dictionaries, but they hold significant meaning within the cooperative community. One such term is “revolvement” or “revolving equity.” In this blog, we will discuss revolvement, understanding its purpose and significance in the context of cooperatives. As we explore this concept, we will learn how revolvement benefits cooperative members and strengthens the cooperative spirit.

Defining Revolvement

While not a commonly recognized word, revolvement holds substantial importance in the cooperative landscape. In essence, revolvement refers to the process of distributing allocated equity from historical time periods to cooperative members. This means that members receive payments based on equity allocated to them several years ago, providing them with cash dividends on an annual basis.

Empowering Members with Historical Equity

Revolvement represents a thoughtful approach to empowering cooperative members with the fruits of their past contributions and investments. When a cooperative has accumulated significant financial resources on its balance sheet, revolvement allows them to redistribute those earnings back to its members. By doing so, the cooperative ensures that members can benefit from their equity shares well before retirement, offering a tangible return on their commitment to the cooperative’s success.

The Goal of Revolvement

The primary objective of revolvement is to put the cooperative’s financial resources back into the hands of its members. As a cooperative’s assets grow over time, it becomes essential to find ways to distribute those resources equitably. Revolvement achieves this by providing members with regular cash payments based on the historical equity they hold. This practice not only rewards members for their continued support but also strengthens the cooperative’s sense of community and shared prosperity.

Enhancing Member Financial Security

For cooperative members, revolvement can offer a sense of financial security and stability. By receiving annual cash dividends and historical equity payouts, members can better plan for their future and manage their financial needs. Whether it’s investing in personal goals, supporting their families, or preparing for retirement, revolvement provides cooperative members with tangible benefits that enhance their financial well-being.

Fostering the Cooperative Spirit

At the heart of every cooperative lies the spirit of collaboration and community. Revolvement embodies this cooperative spirit by prioritizing the interests of members and ensuring that the cooperative’s success directly translates into shared prosperity. As members receive the rewards of their contributions, they feel a deeper sense of ownership and engagement with the cooperative, strengthening the bonds between members and the organization Revolvement represents a powerful mechanism for distributing historical equity to cooperative members, providing them with tangible benefits and financial security. By embracing the concept of revolvement, cooperatives reinforce their commitment to member empowerment and shared prosperity.