Breaking Down Sales Contracts for Better Control in R3

By Levridge staff | Updated: Jan 26, 2024 | Ag sales , Product Updates , Release Notes | read

In the dynamic world of flour milling and processing, precision and adaptability are key. A common requirement for flour millers and other processors is the need to break down the basis values on sales contracts and post those values to the General Ledger (GL). This not only ensures accurate accounting but also provides a comprehensive understanding of the composite values that make up the final price for flour sales.

Introducing Basis Details Setup

A new form has been introduced where basis detail records can be created. These details play a crucial role in calculating the total basis on released items and sales contracts. Additionally, new security privileges have been added to ensure controlled access to sales contracts.

User-Friendly Sales Contract Dialog

The sales contract pricing detail dialog now offers a streamlined and user-friendly interface. You can input board and basis values, and the system will automatically calculate and populate the net price. The dialog includes a slider with three sections for easy navigation, providing options to copy from delivery period lines or alternate delivery period lines.

The basis detail records can be modified, offering flexibility until quantities are delivered against the contract. While the sales contract pricing details are not date-effective, updates trigger new effective records for delivery period lines.

Contract Basis Details List Page

The list page provides a comprehensive view of basis adjustments for each sales contract delivery line and alternate delivery line. This organized layout simplifies tracking, especially in complex scenarios where a single contract may have multiple delivery periods and various basis pricing components.

Efficient Invoicing with Grain Shipped Not Invoiced

For streamlined invoicing, the basis details linked to charge codes in basis detail setup are displayed in the Grain Shipped Not Invoiced and Shipped Not Invoiced – Bulk sections. This ensures clarity and accuracy when creating sales orders from outbound tickets, incorporating all relevant basis components.

In conclusion, these enhancements in Levridge bring a new level of control and precision to flour milling and processing. By breaking down sales contracts into detailed basis components, millers and processors can optimize efficiency and ensure accurate financial tracking. The user-friendly interfaces and integrated functionalities make these updates valuable tools for the modern flour milling industry.