2022 R3 Levridge Release

By Levridge staff | Updated: Nov 16, 2023 | Release Notes | read

2022 R3 release for Levridge is officially available! The feature set for this release is focused on responding to client requests.

Key New Features in 2022 R3

1. Ability to define shipment delivery times on load requests and load orders

Via a parameter in Commodity Accounting Parameters > Commodities > Loads, you can set a range of requested delivery and shipment times that can be set on the load request and flow to the load orders where they can be adjusted as needed.

2. Option to create a vendor from customer rather than force all customers to be vendors

The ability to automatically create a vendor record when a customer is created. This is enabled in Ag Sales > Setup > Agriculture parameters > Generated vendors when the Automatic vendor creation option = Yes. However, if you do not want all customers to be created as a vendor, in this release, there has been an option ‘Create vendor’ added to the customer action pane in the Agriculture tab. This will allow you to easily create the vendor account from the customer record if the customer is not already linked to a vendor.

3. Ability to enter a default load quantity when generating a load order

When using the generate loads option on a load request, added the option to enter in a default load quantity for the loads. This would be used if the load request is not already linked to a contract that provides a load size.

4. Print the daily position and long/short reports for a group of commodities

When printing a daily position report, a long and short delivery position report, a long and short hedge position report, or a mark to market you can select a group of commodities. These groups are setup at Commodity Accounting> Setup > Risk > Commodity groups.

5. Levridge Exchange – Change tracking for OData

A service allowing integration partners to query for records that have changed since a given date and time.

6. AgXML – trigger events for generating AgXML exports

Levridge has created an AgXML integration using business events. The benefit of business events is that you can export the data based on criteria users define. A user can set a business event to only run once the record is closed independent of the number of changes and saves. This helps reduce the amount of noise that is happening on the integration every time SQL writes or saves to a table.