When a grower requests an application to their fields, you want to ensure the process is as efficient as possible so you can maximize both your time and your profits. AgSync now integrates with Levridge to allow data to flow between applications, giving you insights into real-time data, which allows you to expedite your billing process and increase overall accuracy and efficiency.

With AgSync, you’re able to collect data through field mapping, soil samples, zone samples and create work orders with the calculations of products, blends, and quantity to be distributed on specific fields or locations.

That data is then integrated directly to Levridge, which provides the accounting and operations functionality for your ag retail operation. Using the information from AgSync, Levridge generates a sales order automatically with the products required. Based on the parameters set in the system, a credit check will automatically run against the grower responsible for the fields. If the credit is approved, a work order is generated. If the credit is not approved, the agronomist is alerted and works with the grower to resolve the issue.

Once the grower is ready to schedule the field application and have the product delivered and applied, the agronomist releases the work order within AgSync, where it is scheduled. That data then automatically flows into Levridge where the work order is updated and identified as ready for production.

Once entered, the data seamlessly and automatically transfers back to Levridge where a Bill of Materials is generated and is sent to the blending facility for processing. All products and weights are recorded at the blending facility using the Levridge Scale app, which then automatically generates a picking list, transportation load order, and applies any delivery charges, as well as freight liability accrual.

Levridge allows you to manage multiple facilities and ensure the correct locations are credited for sales, even if the product is actually dispensed at a different site or facility. For example, if you made a sale out of a facility in Arthur, ND, but the materials are being picked up in Barnesville, MN, the system will generate a paper transfer order so the Arthur facility receives credit for the sale, but the Barnesville facility will still process the order.

Another common scenario that Levridge manages is the ability to track orders that require several different loads, or pickups, to complete. Each time a load is shipped, that amount is then deducted from the overall total. When the last load is picked up, completion status is marked within the system, indicating all product has been transferred.

Once the application to fields begins, your employee can access AgSync on a mobile device or tablet and enter data on weather, product spread information, sensitive drift areas, job status, and more. That information is automatically synced to Levridge, giving real-time results to the back office for billing and inventory demand planning.

By having a fully integrated system from the field to the blending facility to the back office, you’re able to gain real data insights to make better business decisions for inventory, order planning, up-selling, and overall efficiency and profitability. With Levridge and AgSync, you’re able to eliminate manual data entry and able to speed up the process of an invoice to payment, reducing errors and inconsistencies that accompany manual processes.