How to Set Up Default Apply Partners on Purchase Contracts

By Levridge staff | Updated: Feb 28, 2023 | Accounting | read

In release 2022 R2, Levridge has added support for purchase contract apply partners. Purchase contract apply partners are other growers allowed to deliver against purchase contracts so not only can the grower listed on the contract deliver against that contract, so can all of the apply partners listed on the contract.


How to Set Up Default Apply Partners

To set up default apply partners, go to a grower under Ag sales > All customers and select a grower. With the grower selected, under the Agriculture action pane tab choose Commodity contracts > Apply partners. Click New and your grower will default, then select another grower that becomes a partner for your grower. In the screenshot below Mark Nelson is a default partner for customer CUS-000066, Matt Thompson. Now when a new purchase contract is created for Matt Thompson, CUS-000066, Mark Nelson will default onto that contract as an apply partner. Default apply partners are entirely optional, you do not have to set them up. You can instead create a new purchase contract and specify directly on that contract who the apply partners are.

CUS-000066 Mark Nelson is selected

Create a Purchase Contact

After the default partners are established, create a purchase contract under Commodity accounting > Inbound > Contract > Purchase contracts. When you create the contract, by default the apply partners are added. The contract pictured below is for Matt Thompson and Mark Nelson has defaulted on the contract as an apply partner. You can modify those partners any way you want. You can remove or add any partners to that particular contract.

Apply partners on a purchase contract

Once the apply partners are set on the contract, those partners can deliver the commodity and pricing on the contract. In our example, Mark Nelson can bring in a load of corn, via a scale ticket, that scale ticket can be applied to the contract listed above, ALEX-0000004 which is in Matt Thompson’s name. Mark Nelson can then be paid/settled with the contract pricing, just as Matt Thompson would be.