Introducing Post-Adjustment Reasons in Prepayment Distribution

By Levridge staff | Updated: May 2, 2024 | Product Updates , Release Notes | read

In our constant endeavor to empower growers with greater flexibility and transparency, we’re excited to introduce a significant enhancement to our system’s prepayment distribution process with the latest R3 feature. Now, making changes to prepayment distributions after posting is not only possible but comes with an added layer of accountability and insight.

There are instances where adjustments to prepayment distributions are inevitable. Whether it’s a data entry error or a grower’s decision to reallocate prepayment funds, these changes needed a systematic and transparent solution. Our new feature addresses this need, ensuring that any modifications made post-distribution are not only seamless but also recorded comprehensively.

How It Works:

After posting a prepayment distribution, you can now easily make adjustments with a provided reason. This reason, visible in the system, serves as a documented explanation for the modification, ensuring a transparent and accountable process, and tracks the changes to prepayment distributions for audit purposes.

In conclusion, our commitment to refining and enhancing our system remains steadfast. The post-adjustment reasons feature in prepayment distribution is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the tools you need for seamless and transparent financial operations. We believe this update will not only simplify your duties but also contribute to a more robust and accountable financial system for your agricultural operations.