Introducing the Enhanced Product Movement Reporting Feature in Levridge R2

By Levridge staff | Updated: Jan 19, 2024 | Product Updates | read

The latest Levridge R2 update brings forth a game-changing feature – the enhanced product movement reporting functionality. This new design specifically focuses on streamlining the exporting of a product movement report.

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of a user-friendly form, providing a seamless experience for those aiming to export reports. The form boasts an intuitive layout, featuring a dynamic action pane that includes essential functions such as save and run now. Clicking on run now opens a new form, empowering users to determine the last execution date, subsequently running anything since that date in the next batch run.

The report form also includes a run-in background fast tab, elevating your experience with recurrence functionality. This addition allows for efficient background processing, ensuring that reporting tasks are not only accurate but also timely.

The pick list grid is another notable enhancement, designed to simplify vendor management. You can now effortlessly view all vendors and transition them from the available list to the enabled list. This granular control over vendor selection adds a layer of flexibility to the reporting process, catering to diverse user needs.

In essence, the R2 feature introduces a powerful toolset for product movement reporting, combining client-centric design with enhanced functionality. This update is poised to redefine how you interact with and extract crucial data from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, setting a new standard for efficiency and ease of use. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of business operations with R2 cutting-edge features.