Since entering the marketplace, Levridge has continued to gain in popularity with agriculture businesses across the country. The global pandemic of 2020 became a catalyst for increased demand for Levridge at ag retailers, co-ops, commodity processors, and seed suppliers who saw the absolute need for a solution that empowers their employees to work from home, streamlines processes for efficiencies and cost savings, and gives growers the experience they expect.

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With the increase in demand, the Levridge team grew in 2020 to include a senior business analyst, solution architect, and a new member of the Levridge leadership team with Dustin Pagano assuming the role of Ag Practice Director. Working with current Levridge clients, the development team doubled down on functionality most important to users and put those into action within the system over the course of 2020.

Interconnected Solution

Levridge, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, has full integration between the specific ag functionality and the robust capabilities of D365, which include financial management, inventory, sales, marketing, retail, and much more.

In 2020, Levridge added a seamless integration to other leading ag software solutions including both Kahler and AgSync. Through these direct integrations, the system becomes a full dispatching solution, allowing information on products, employees, pricing, customers, and field details to flow seamlessly between applications.

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Added Functionality

In 2020, the Levridge solution was scaled up to include must-have functionality for ag co-ops, processors, seed suppliers, and other agribusinesses.

  • Prepayment tracking and processing
  • Splits for any scenario
  • Agronomy contract management
  • Credit and licensing checks
  • Commission calculations, including on splits. Now users can identify who receives a commission by split line.
  • POS locations can process prepayments, sales agreements, and splits along with other retail sales simultaneously


levridge fertilizer calculator

Fertilizer calculator allows agronomists to calculate how much of each ingredient (Nitrogen, pot ash, etc.) goes into each blend of fertilizer to make the exact perfect fertilizer for a given field

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Advances in Grain

Levridge has become the first ag accounting product available that features an interactive Daily Position Report. Built on Power BI, this gives users the ability to see real-time information and make informed decisions for when to buy and sell all commodities.

Additionally, grain functionality now includes a preview version of commodity accounting that will be enhanced and rolled out for full availability in 2021.


Available as a standalone solution, or as integration to Levridge, the Levridge Scale provides accurate weights for agronomy transfers, full support for commodity tickets,  provides support for grain analyzers and grade factors, and allows for data entry at any scale location. Additionally, the Levridge Scale integrates with the GAC 2500 Grain Analyzer from Dickey-John. The Levridge Scale solution is available for immediate download on Microsoft App Source.

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Ongoing Testing

The testing strategy has been enhanced and improved. Automated and manual testing across the Levridge platform is conducted daily to ensure the quality and integrity of any and all code changes or updates. Tests are run daily to identify any potential issues or bugs within the system prior to code changes being applied to the software. Additionally, nearly 2,000 manual test cases are run each time Microsoft issues a new release of Dynamics 365. In total, tens of thousands of tests are run on Levridge annually ensuring a seamless user experience.

Looking Forward to 2021

While many accomplishments were made in 2020, the team is already at work on goals for 2021.


The base foundation of the equity management solution has been developed. Moving forward, additional features and functionality will be rolled out to enhance the capabilities within equity.

Enhancing Commodity Management

Both ag retailers and commodity processors rely on commodity accounting to track grower and buyer contracts which include commodity pricing, inventory levels, and buy/sell quantities. While this functionality is available in the current Levridge release, additional features and functionality will be added in 2021, including support for multi-currency.

Additional Scale Integrations

The Levridge Scale currently integrates with the GAC 2500 Grain Analyzer from Dickey-John, but in 2021, support for additional moisture testers and a protein tester will be added along with message boards.

Grower Portal

The ability for ag retailers and commodity processors to interact with growers via a self-service portal has become more important than ever. A grower portal experience will roll out in 2021 with direct integration to D365 and Levridge.

Bayer Site Integration

In 2020 Bayer AG, a multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company began requiring re-sellers of their products to procure Bayer seeds through their site. The development team at Levridge is writing a direct integration from D365 to Bayers site to eliminate any redundant processes or manual entry while procuring seeds from Bayer.

In 2021 and beyond Levridge will continue to evolve and incorporate the features and functionality that today’s ag operations need in order to manage their business effectively, efficiently, and at the highest possible profit margin. To learn more about how Levridge and Dynamics 365 can benefit your ag operation, reach out to the experts at Stoneridge Software.