Optimizing Agribusiness: New Levridge R2 Split Term on Sales Order Release

By Levridge staff | Updated: Jan 8, 2024 | Product Updates , Release Notes | read

We are thrilled to announce an update that introduces a dynamic approach to payment terms. Understanding the unique needs of the industry, our latest release empowers you to set default terms of payment, method of payment, and cash discounts for specific items and customer combinations.

One of the standout features of this update is the ability to customize payment details at a granular level. Default terms of payment, method of payment, and cash discounts can be defaulted from the item or continue to default from the customer account, ensuring a tailored approach to financial transactions. Whether it’s settling at the end of the season or the next month, this flexibility simplifies data entry and seamlessly integrates with other agronomy systems.

To further elevate this experience, we’ve introduced fields in the split detail’s lines, allowing you to define specific payment terms for individual customers and product lines. This innovation enables a nuanced invoicing process, where a unique combination of payment terms, method of payment, and cash discount results in a distinct invoice for every transaction.

The sell fast tab on the released product detail form now boasts additional fields, including terms of payment, method of payment, and cash discount. This straightforward interface ensures that managing financial aspects is not only efficient but also customizable to meet the diverse needs of agribusinesses.

With this update, we are committed to providing a seamless and tailored experience, enabling agricultural retailers to navigate financial transactions with ease and precision. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and enhance our solutions for the dynamic world of agribusiness.