The Levridge Scale can be used to accurately and efficiently weigh and process agronomy and transfers. This process is completed in four simple steps.

Four Steps to Using the Levridge Scale

1. The empty truck or tanker is weighed prior to filling

The outbound agronomy ticket is automatically started with information on the customer, commodity, first weight, vehicle information, and sales order (if known).

2. Truck/Tanker fills in the yard

The truck is marked in the system as in the yard, and the scale is ready to process the next incoming empty truck.

3. Full truck/tanker is weighed before leaving the yard

The outbound agronomy ticket is edited by the user choosing the correct truck from the “in the yard” list. The second weight and any additional information is entered.

4. Print bill of loading and scale ticket

The ticket is given to the truck driver to deliver to the grower.

Once the ticket has been created, the scale quantity is ready for invoicing. The information is automatically synced into Levridge where the customer service specialist can address any issues, review the shipment and billing list for the completed sales order, and generate the invoice.

The Levridge Scale is simple to use. The video below shows how you can use Scale to:

  • Create an agronomy scale ticket
  • Create a transfer scale ticket
  • Create a transfer destination scale ticket
  • Update settings
  • Access multiple scale information simultaneously
  • Save pdf reports from each scale


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