Using Prepayments to Cover Taxes and Charges in Levridge 2023 R2

By Levridge staff | Published: Oct 25, 2023 | Ag sales | read

In 2023 R2 you can now use prepayments to cover taxes and charges in Levridge. This blog will go over Levridge’s newly expanded prepayment functionality.

Parameter allowing prepays to cover charges and taxes

Prepayment Setup

In Agriculture parameters (Ag sales > Setup), in the Payments tab, the parameter “Allow prepay for charges/tax” defaults to No. This means you cannot apply a prepayment to cover charge codes or sales taxes on sales order lines. If you set the parameter to Yes, the system allows you to manually apply prepayments to the sales order line to cover charges and taxes. When a prepayment is auto-applied, it will not include the taxes and charges even when this option is set to yes, so if you are auto-applying prepayments you will need to manually update the prepayment amount if you wish to cover taxes and charges.

Sales Order

Making changes to what prepayments are applied to

Two new fields have been added to the Apply prepayments form to display Total charges and Estimated tax amounts. In this example, the parameter is not activated to allow prepays on charges and taxes, which means the prepayment will not be applied to the Total selected prepay amount if auto-applied. You will need to manually apply it.

New fields for Total charges and Estimates taxes added to Apply prepayments form

Manually Apply Prepayments

You can manually apply the “Amount to prepay” in the grid by setting the prepay amount. Another option is to unmark and remark the prepayment, causing the system to include the charges and taxes in the amount to prepay. If auto-apply is not active, just selecting the line will apply prepay to charges and estimated.


Changing the amount of each prepayment applied to sales lines and to charges and taxes.

Total charges and Total tax columns have been added to the Prepayment distribution for invoice lines window. When the allow prepay on charges and taxes is active, when a prepay is applied to the lines the charges and taxes are included in the prepay amount to apply.