New Features in Levridge 2023 R1 Release

By Levridge staff | Updated: May 30, 2023 | Product Updates , Release Notes | read

Levridge is excited to make available the first release of 2023! Check out the full release notes here.


New Features in 2023 R1

The key additions in this release are the following:


Levridge Equity

Created in collaboration with Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative, this is the first full version of Levridge Equity which provides a modern system for cooperatives to track patronage and equity programs.


Commodity Meter Tickets

Commodity meter tickets, which are a version of scale tickets used to track the quantity and assess the quality of liquids, are the largest commodity feature in the 2023 R1 release. This is the foundational feature required for companies working with bulk liquids like ethanol and other bio-diesel fuels.


Contract Overruns and Floating Quantity

This is a major addition to Levridge functionality. Contract overruns allow more quantity to be delivered on a purchase or sales contract than the contract was originally written for. Floating quantity purchase contracts allow the contract quantity to increase as tickets are applied to the contract. This is used in areas where the company purchases whatever the grower brings, such as beets and herbs. It does not lock in the quantity.


Sequence Lists for Contracts and Scale Tickets

You can report with a list of transactions by document number highlighting sequence gaps and voids so auditors can quickly identify document numbers used and audit those missing.


Delivery Statement Report

You can report with scale tickets by grower, commodity, field, and growing season which is certified by the commodity processor and can be taken by the grower to the Farm services agency.


Watch the Levridge 2023 R1 release video here.