Commodity Risk Reports Scheduled Printing

By Levridge staff | Updated: Mar 1, 2023 | Product Updates | read

A new feature the Levridge team implemented in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations that will be released in 2022 R2, is enabling the scheduled execution of 4 commodity risk reports for ‘today.’ For a client using Levridge, they will have a variety of commodity risk reports available for their use out of the box. For a few of these reports, a common use case is to schedule them to run at end of day, or just before your new day opens. The reports that Levridge currently supports for this use case are the long and short delivery position, long and short hedge position, long and short audit report, and daily position report.


Normal D365 report scheduling behavior will, for every run of the report, run it with the original parameters. For example, before this feature, if a user scheduled the DPR to run every morning at 6:00 am, it would run at 6:00 am and it would use the date information that was specified upon creation every time (highlighted in yellow). That is not very helpful if you need the most current “daily” position report. So, what we have done is to overwrite that old date information each time the report runs in batch with the current date information based off when the report runs, as ag users would expect. This solution was created in such a way to allow users to create a batch job that runs as I just described and to maintain expected behavior when printing the report as a one-off action for a specified date range.


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