How to: Batch Tracking in Levridge

By Levridge staff | Published: Feb 1, 2022 | Accounting | read

Levridge has functionality to support batch tracking for commodities from the time a scale ticket comes in until the product goes out the door. Here is how it works:

1. On the item, turn on the Tracking inventory dimensions for batch numbers. Microsoft Finance and Operations has native support for tracking batch numbers.
2. In the setup for the commodity, if there are known batch numbers enter them.

Commodity setup

3. On the scale ticket, select the existing batch number (if it is known). If the batch number is one you receive and is not previously known, enter the batch number onto the ticket.

Batch number on scale ticket

That’s it. From there, the batch number will move with the commodity through the system. When the scale ticket is posted to inventory, the batch number will become an inventory dimension on the inventory journal.