Levridge R3 Updates: Internal/External Notes on Contracts

By Levridge staff | Updated: Jan 26, 2024 | News , Product Updates , Release Notes | read

In our continuous efforts to improve your experience, we are excited to announce a refinement in our purchase and sales contract management system.

Renaming for Clarity

The existing ‘Notes’ field on both purchase and sales contract headers has been relabeled to ‘Contract Comments’. This simple yet effective change aims to enhance clarity, ensuring that you can easily identify and understand the purpose of this field.

Introducing a New ‘Notes’ Field

In addition to relabeling, we’ve introduced a brand-new ‘Notes’ field on both purchase and sales contract headers. This field is specifically designed for internal comments regarding the contract. Now, you can maintain a clear distinction between external comments meant for stakeholders involved in the contract and internal notes for your team’s reference.

Window view of notes/contract comments tab.

Why it Matters

These updates not only make the interface more intuitive but also provide a dedicated space for your team to communicate internally about the contract. This can significantly improve collaboration, streamline workflows, and ensure that everyone involved in the contract is on the same page.

In conclusion, our commitment to your satisfaction and continuous improvement has led to these enhancements in our contract management system. We believe that these changes will contribute to a more seamless and efficient contract management experience for your team.