How to Use Lien Holders and Settlements in Levridge

By Levridge staff | Updated: Mar 1, 2023 | Accounting | read

In Levridge, lien holders can be automatically paid during the settlement process. The first step in getting lien holders paid is to set them up on grower accounts. The setup is simple as demonstrated by the single record pictured below.

Single record under standard view

Once the lien holders are set up, when running settlements for the grower, the names of lien holders are automatically added to the settlement payments using the following logic:

  1. If the lien holder is for a specific commodity, the settlement must be for that commodity. If the lien holder is for all commodities (like the one pictured above), a settlement of any commodity will work.
  2. If the lien holder is for a specific state and/or county, the Ship from addresses on the purchase contracts being settled are compared to the lien holder states and counties. (To view the Ship from address on a contract, click Header and expand the Addresses fast tab.) If the counties and states match, the lien holder is included in the payment. In the example settlement below, there is a match and the lien holder is displayed in the Pay to the order of field. The same thing is displayed on the check that results from the settlement.

Commodity settlement wizard. "Pay to the order of" field is highlighted.

Check example