Streamlining Customer Message & Address Export in R3

By Levridge staff | Published: Dec 14, 2023 | Product Updates , Release Notes | read

In the business world, keeping customer info up-to-date is super important. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 F&O), managing customer addresses is a big deal. Let’s break down how you can make this process smoother by automating address updates, deletions, and choosing how often you export data.

Updating Addresses Made Easy:

When you need to update customer addresses, it’s all about doing it quickly and smartly. D365 F&O can automatically export updates when crucial info changes, like LOCATIONID, DESCRIPTION, ROLES, STREET, CITY, STATE, COUNTY, or COUNTRYREGIONID. This means you only send out the necessary changes, keeping things efficient and avoiding unnecessary data clutter.

Say Goodbye to Deleted Addresses:

If a customer address gets deleted in D365 F&O, it’s vital to have a smooth process in place. D365 F&O can automatically export a message, letting your other systems know that an address has been removed. This quick communication helps keep all your data in sync across different platforms.

Export When You Want:

Businesses have different needs, so D365 F&O lets you decide how often you export addresses. Whether it’s every day, every week, or another timeframe, you get to pick. This flexibility means you have control over when and how often your address updates get sent out, making sure it fits your business style.

By using these easy features in D365 F&O, businesses can not only keep customer addresses accurate but also work more efficiently. Sending out only the necessary changes and choosing when to export data helps businesses stay focused on what matters. With this setup, organizations can manage customer data well, even as things change in the business world.