What’s New in Levridge 2023 R2

By Levridge staff | Updated: Nov 14, 2023 | Release Notes | read

The second release of 2023 is now available! The feature set for this release has 3 themes:

  1. Add support for ag sales Chem eStandards document exchanges.
  2. Expand sales line and prepayment functionality to support ag sales.
  3. Deepen commodity accounting integration with inventory and quality control.

View the full release notes here or keep reading for an overview of new features.

New Features in 2023 R2

The key additions per module in this release are as follows:

Ag sales

1. Multiple terms of payment and cash discounts on one sales order – Ag retailers offer special (Deferred) payment terms on certain items. The default terms of payment might be end of the season for some products but Net End of next month for others. The ability to set a default terms of payment, method of payment, and cash discount for items and customer combination is necessary for efficiency in data entry & integration with other Agronomy systems. Natively, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations only allows for a single term of payment, method of payment, or cash discount on a sales order. With this feature, Levridge has added the ability to set default terms of payment, methods of payment, and cash discounts per sales line.

2. Option allowing prepayments to be manually applied – In previous releases, Levridge added the ability to create prepayments and automatically apply them to sales lines. New functionality allows you to manually apply prepayments to each sales order line.

3. Prepayment settlement for charge codes and taxes – You can now use prepayments to cover sales taxes and line charges. You can enable this in Ag sales parameters, and then you can manually adjust prepayments to cover the taxes/charges on an order line or invoice.

4. XML – Import sales order messages and generate direct deliveries – If you receive an OrderCreate Chem eStandards 5.0.0 XML document and create a sales order in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you can automate the creation of a direct delivery from the received order.

5. XML – Export purchase order messages – If you export a Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) purchase order, you can create a 5.0.0 XML document from the purchase order inquiry form in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

6. XML – Import purchase order acknowledgments and confirm purchase orders – When receiving an OrderResponse Chem eStandards 5.0.0 XML document in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you can automate the confirmation of a purchase order based on the received response.

7. XML – Import purchase order advance ship notices and post-purchase order receipts – You can receive a ship notice CIDX document in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The ship notice allows ag companies to communicate when a product has shipped.

8. XML – Import purchase order invoices – You can receive a purchase order invoice Chem eStandards 5.0.0 XML document in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

9. XML – Support for GLN/Partner identification – XML Chem eStandards 5.0.0 requires the use of a partner identifier. Levridge uses the external codes for all partner identifiers and domain identifiers. External codes exist on released products, customers, vendors, and units of measure. Levridge added external codes to addresses. Plus, the external codes give you the ability to create your own codes.

10. XML – Product Movement Record – The Product Movement Record is a CIDX standard document that allows ag retailers to report back the actual consumption of their products to the manufacturers. Levridge now supports this document.

Commodity accounting

1. Roll expired purchase contracts for credit sale – In some states, any purchase contract not priced within 30 days of grain delivery must have a credit sale contract number. This number needs to be tied to the existing basis or price later purchase contract number. This feature adds the ability to roll a contract into another contract & to close multiple contracts at one time. If the contract is rolled to another contract they reference each other.

2. Enable location tracking – For warehouses enabled with location or inventory status or if an item is set up as a product master (which means it has product variants such as color, size, and style), you can now select those inventory dimensions on scale tickets.

3. Allow posting of inbound tickets to inventory before they are applied to a purchase contract – You are now able to post an inbound ticket to inventory before applying it to a purchase contract. If using perpetual inventory, the system would treat this like applying the ticket to a price later contract, pulling the cost based on the item inventory type (FIFO, Standard, etc.), and based on a setting in commodity parameters to use the bid sheet or item price.

4. Generate and/or link quality orders from scale tickets – Any scale ticket type can now be linked to a quality order. Also, quality associations can be set up for tickets to auto-create a quality order, block the posting to inventory, or block the invoicing of a sales order if a linked quality order is still active.

Release Notes

Check out the full release notes here.