How to Fix Billing Mistakes in Levridge

By Levridge staff | Published: Jan 17, 2022 | Accounting | read

In the Agriculture industry split billing and prepayments are common, but this comes with challenges for the billing department ensuring the correct growers are billed for the products, quantities, and prices. Mistakes happen. It is how quickly and efficiently we handle these mistakes that sets you apart from your competition. With Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations and Levridge, the credit and rebill functionality for sales invoices reduces the complexity and makes billing corrections less onerous.

Once a sales order has been invoiced, from the Ag sales navigation go to Invoices > Ag sales invoices. Select the invoice that needs to be corrected and click Credit and rebill in the Invoice action pane. You confirm the action on the dialog and the system will automatically:

  1. Un-apply any payments or prepayments to the invoice
  2. Create a credit note for the quantities on the invoice including any charges and sales tax
  3. Invoice the credit note
  4. Apply the credit note to the original invoice
  5. Create a new sales order for the items and quantities from the original invoice including any splits, charges, and pricing

The system then displays the new sales order on the screen to allow you to make any adjustments and you are then free to invoice the order.

If the invoice you selected was a result of a split billing scenario – meaning the original invoice had multiple customers responsible for the payment – the system would ask you if you wanted to credit and rebill all the related invoices and the new order that is generated will be the same as the original order with all of the split information.

The system also provides the option to credit the invoice by selecting the ‘Credit’ option on the Invoice action pane rather than the ‘Credit and rebill’. This runs through the same steps including split billing but will not generate a new sales order. It will stop and apply the credit note to the original invoice(s).