What’s New in Levridge 2023 R3

By Levridge staff | Updated: Jan 26, 2024 | News , Release Notes | read

In the realm of agricultural technology, several noteworthy changes have taken place, particularly in AgXML and Commodity Accounting standards. These updates aim to smooth processes for agricultural retailers and companies, ensuring smoother communication and efficient reporting. Below are the key modifications:

  1. Product Movement Record (AgXML): The introduction of the product movement record, a CIDX standard document, facilitates Ag retailers in reporting actual product consumption to manufacturers.
  2. Global Location Number (AgXML): Levridge, utilizing XML Chem eStandards 5.0.0, now mandates the use of partner identifiers. External codes, integrated into various aspects like products and addresses, empower you to create personalized codes.
  3. Purchase Order Communication (AgXML): The ship notice, a CIDX document, enables ag companies to communicate product shipments efficiently.
  4. Sales and Purchase Order Automation (AgXML): Various updates involve the automated creation of sales orders and purchase order confirmations, enhancing the speed and accuracy of transactions.
  5. Commodity Accounting Enhancements: Notable changes include the ability to roll expired contracts for credit sales, improved handling of purchase order invoices, and advanced features like prepayment settlement for charges and sales tax.
  6. Scale Ticket Flexibility (Commodity Accounting): Warehouses can now leverage additional inventory dimensions on scale tickets, offering more customization based on location, inventory status, or product variants.
  7. Quality Order Integration (Commodity Accounting): Scale tickets can now be linked to quality orders, allowing for better quality control and preventing invoicing conflicts.
  8. Bug Fixes: The release addresses various bugs, such as the inability to enter seal numbers on outbound tickets and errors during the creation of purchase contracts.

These updates collectively contribute to a more agile and responsive agricultural technology landscape, providing you with the tools you need to navigate complex processes seamlessly. As technology continues to evolve, these enhancements ensure that the agricultural sector stays at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

The link here provides the full release notes for Levridge R3 and release bug fixes and the video below provides visuals of what is included in Levridge R3.